Сantiere Delle Marche


Italian Explorer Yachts

The world of shipbuilding is changing. We have entered a new era in which new needs call for new solutions. Yachts increasingly represent not mere status symbols but the concrete manifestation of a passion known only by those deeply in love with the sea.

This is the awareness that led to the creation of the Cantiere delle Marche shipyard. A group of seasoned industry professionals united by their passion for the sea.
To date, the group that founded the Cantiere delle Marche shipyard has constructed, or collaborated in the construction of, a wide range of different vessels: tankers, hi-tech merchant ships, passenger vessels and the world’s most prestigious cruise ships, in addition to refitting and constructing pleasure craft for an international clientele.

CdM offer two distinct product lines for the pleasure market that have been conceived from the collective minds of owners, captains, engineers and designers alike, the Darwin Class range and the Nauta Air range.