Autumn Events

Two more interesting events within the yacht world are planned for September and October.

One of them ‑ Ocean Village Boat Show – takes place from 11 till 20 September in England city of Southampton, in Ocean Village Marina. Such famous shipyards like Azimut, Bavaria Yachts, Beneteau, Discovery Shipyard, Moody, and many others represent their boats there. There are more than 80 new models are planned to be introduced in the show.

Galeon shipyard will not stand aside and will present such popular models at the exhibition as:

640 FLY

425 HTS

400 FLY

335 HTS

Galia 700 SD

The second interesting event is Warsaw Yacht Salon which will be held in Ptak Warsaw Expo, Poland. For three days, producers, and distributors of sailing and motor yachts, sport boats, kayaks, water bicycles and scooters, electronics, navigation, and much more present their best products.

Galeon Yachts will present some of its flagships. We invite everybody engaged in yachting to visit exhibitions and see new modern boats of Galeon.

To get more information and invitation letters, contact us.